Video – Alpine Skibikes


Alpine Skibikes used to be called Winter X Bike.  This is the original 30 second Winter-X-Bike commercial that was shot and edited back in 2002 – :30 seconds

My wife Renee and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary riding Vail Pass backcountry via snowmobile with Craig Jones from Summit Powder Bikes and Devin Lenz, Andreas Wiltzsch, Rod and Aaron Raymond.  I shot some of this footage and am riding in some of it.  This was the best day of powder skibiking that any human has experienced so far in the history of the world.  A huge thanks to Devin Lenz for creating the BFS’s (Big Fat Skidder skis) which are simply the best skibike powder skis ever created, and to Craig Jones for use of his sleds and backcountry guidance.  The enjoyment had by all on this day cannot be overstated – back flips, cliff drops, and all….. 7:44

Super deep powder footage from the Durango Mountain Resort Skibike Festival in 2008.  This is a really fun video that will make you totally wanna go ride a skibike.  Note: this video is actually pretty high def despite what this blurry thumbnail image suggests – 2:45

Team Romp video from the 2010/2012 seasons.  Very high definition video with an awesome soundtrack and some of the best trick riding I’ve ever seen on a skibike – 4:54

The clip below (4:15 long) is quite simply one of the best ski-bike videos I’ve ever seen. Brandon shot most of this footage by himself. He would venture out into the mountains alone, set up his camera and tripod at places like Berthoud Pass, and then hike one jump all day long. His efforts have paid off, because this video is sick! Be sure to click on the HD button and watch it full screen on vimeo to really do it justice – 4:15

Team Lenzsport skibike footage.  Somehow everything just looks cooler in slow motion – 5:42

Alpine Ski Bikes (formerly WinterXbike) was featured on an action sports show called the “Xcorps” back in 2002.  All this footage was shot on the very first day of riding for Bubba and his crew of trick BMX riders.  The tail whips were thrown on his third run ever on a skibike.  Apparently once you are airborne, its all the same – 6:10

The original WinterXbike video from back in 2002 – 4:34

Lots of sweet powder bump riding from Team Lenzsport – 4:34

Very well shot and edited, high def clip of Brandon Schmit training on snow and into a foam pit – 2:45

Devin Lenz’s very first skibike video edit.  He used some music software on his computer and composed all the music himself.  It came out pretty good –  5:18